How to Find Free Crafting Materials at Home – Living, Dining and Office

Living, Dining and Office

Most homes will have a living area, some kind of dining area and perhaps even an office. Each of these places are great for finding crafting materials, whether they’re from junk drawers, bookshelves, filing cabinets or any other area that seems to get random bits quickly stacking up.

Look for old or unused papers (old or stained files), coffee table magazines, empty tissue boxes, random string, old fabric (tablecloths, table runners, napkins, curtains), and anything else that may inspire you for a craft (broken clocks, old vases, small storage boxes, random pieces that may or may not be important for something long forgotten.


  1. Try making a children’s folder game. You can find my folder game post here: Children’s Folder Games
  2. Use old (but still clean and usable) fabric as furoshiki. These Japanese wrapping cloths can be tied as gift wrapping, carry bags, backpacks and more.  You can see several tying options from the video  in my old post about Furoshiki.
  3. Create a quilt from old fabric.  You can even make a children’s art quilt like I did with felt -but any fabric will do!
  4. Make sturdy envelopes from empty tissue boxes.
  5. Wrap and glue packing cords around old vases, jars, tins or boxes for a new decorative look.
  6. Check out my “craft ideas” Pinterest page for more!

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