One Good Thing A Day – Project Day 3 – CSI Vegas

What made me happy today?

I finally got a chance to sit back, relax and enjoy the newest CSI (Vegas). It’s still my favorite show….though I really wish William Petersen’s character would come back into the series -it certainly doesn’t have the same charm as it did.

One Good Thing A Day – Project Day 2 – Leaf Craft *Gift*

I have fairly recently decided to get out and enjoy the stunning weather every afternoon as a quick break from work to refresh my mind and body. Sometimes my boyfriend is able to tear himself away from work and join me, so today, we decided to grab some bento and have a relaxing lunch at the park.

While trying to feed the little birds and avoid the greedy seagulls, a random older man quietly came up to me and handed me what I thought was a real grasshopper on a leaf (which is odd, but okay…), but it actually turned out to be a grasshopper he had made by hand.

I was so surprised and thankful that I wished I had something to give back. He was just happy to give it to me and explained that I should put it in water to keep it healthy, then just went back to the bench he was sitting at.

Before leaving, I decided to at least make a little something for him, so I grabbed a candy wrapper I had, made an origami crane and gave it to him with a caramel candy I had with me (photo is an example of what I made).

He was quite happy and shyly thanked us for the candy.
We exchanged bows and thanked the man for the beautiful gift and went on our way.

What a lovely random encounter! Can’t wait to see what else is in store!

One Good Thing A Day – Project Day 1 – Thank You Love!

My project is off to a great start! *^_^*

This morning I woke up to find this shiny new blog design waiting for me! My wonderful boyfriend decided to surprise me by getting this lovely theme with my favorite colour, transfered everything from the old site and organised it neatly so I can get back into the swing of things.

Great way to start the day and I have this man to thank:

Thank you Love!

One Good Thing A Day Project Experiment

I’ve decided to create a year-long experimental blog project called “One Good Thing A Day” which will be my daily post of something that I find good, heart-warming or just something that makes me smile.

I’m generally a pretty pessimistic person when it comes to many things in my life but quite optimistic for others in order to keep their spirits up and give them the confidence they need. I decided to create a simple experiment to see if I can train myself to become a more optimistic person and being able to look for the positive point of every situation. To do this, I’ll start small by finding one good thing every day -regardless of what it is.

Each good thing will be represented with a visual -either a photograph, sketch, collage and so on.

I’m very excited about this project and look forward to a year of fun, excitement and many good things!