Hanabi Season 2010 has begun!

Hanabi is the Japanese word for fireworks. The firework festival season is a very fun and special time in Japan.

Millions of people attend the different firework shows around the country, dressed in traditional Yukata and eating traditional foods.

This year, I got to enjoy two shows from the balcony of my new place:

On clear nights, I can even see the Tokyo Disney Land fireworks show -so pretty!

Birthday Week Complete

For the last several months, all I have been doing is work, work, work, with not a day off in sight, so I decided to celebrate my Birthday over a week and just have a fun and relaxing time.

A couple days ago, me and my sweetheart decided to check out a large Sea Attraction away from Tokyo, to get out of the city, enjoy a long drive and enjoy nature and animals at the same time.

Here are some pictures to share with you:

Yes…. that’s me lost in my own world…

It was a little sad with this big beluga….she was all alone in one simple tank.

This cute seal was fast asleep sitting up in the tank – but I just loved the sweet little smile.

The silver waves of fish are always beautiful to watch…

….and the playful beluga with its trainer.

Wonderfully fun time. Definitely rejuvenated me for work to come!