One Good Thing A Day – Project Day 13 – Winter Blend Tea

One thing that constantly changes in Japan (more than anything else) are the drink selections in vending machines and combini (Japanese convenience stores). I like to try most of the new drinks out….except for the ones that really seem unappealing to me.

One of my favorites for this season is a lovely “winter blend” tea -not just the flavor but the great packaging as well!

and here are the main ingredients:

Potato + Cheese + Bacon + Vending Machine =

That’s right, potato and cheese potage.  Along with many other selections of soups and even sometimes *Oden , everything is available in random vending manchines in Japan.

*Oden is a popular cold weather soup that includes simmering tofu, fish cakes, daikon (radish) and many other ingredients.  Very easy to find in convenience stores all across Japan.

One Good Thing A Day – Project Day 7 – Apple Ginger Drink

Keeping with the Ginger Drinks, like my Wilkinson’s from the other day, I found this fantastic ginger-apple drink from Afternoon Tea.  Apparently they boil apple juice with cloves, fresh ginger and a touch of lemongrass.

When it’s all done, they serve it with fresh slices of apple and ginger floating in the cup and a fresh ginger stick to stir it with.

One Good Thing A Day – Project Day 6 – Wilkinson’s Ginger Ale

Wilkinson’s Ginger Ale = Yum.

This ginger ale has two type and my favorite is the full ginger flavored one like the photo below.  To purchase this brand in a cafe or bar, it’s at least ¥500 ($6.00 USD) for one small glass. I found it in a shop near home for ¥89 ($1.08 USD)!!!  yay!

Oh so delicious

Beautiful bottle design