Animal Adventure Book for Children

I’m VERY excited about this one! I found a fantiastic illustrator for one of my books and I just can’t wait to put it together.  (Click to see main Animal Adventure Book Page)

I wrote and illustrated this story several years ago but wanted new (and more professional) images before trying to publish them….. and so far…. they look great!

I’m trying to raise some money for publishing and to donate books for underprivileged children, so if you would like to help or know someone who would, please click the button below. All amounts are welcome and anything from $10.00 will get something in return from me *^_^*

Easy Greeting Card Project – Silhouettes

In an effort to reduce waste and  purchasing new materials for projects, I’ll try to post different project ideas for you to try at home.

I’m sure if you searched your home, you would find a wide range of scrap paper from packages, old newspapers, magazines, flyers, wrapping paper etc…

No matter the size, one of the simplest decorative things you can make is a silhouette.

Silhouettes are basically a cut out shadow of an image. Usually just an outline of something without other details. They can be done with paper, fabric and even painted/colored in.

Here are a few that I drew as examples:

Use them to decorate your greeting cards, make cute gift tags or string them up for adorable mobiles.

One Good Thing A Day – Project Day 28 – Children’s Quilt Success!

I was so pleased in class today because the children absolutely loved the quilt.  They were all curious to see and touch the inside of the quilt and went crazy decorating it  *^_^*

Here’s the end result: