One Good Thing A Day – Project Day 25 – English Class Quilt

I had a lesson to prepare for the letter “Q” and from what I found online, it’s a letter that many people have trouble with and choose just to hand the children printouts -I’m not a huge fan of giving little ones printouts, so I decided to plan something fun and creative for the kids.

I made a felt quilt *^_^*

I purchased one large felt sheet with a few packs of pre-cut colourful squares.

After arranging and sewing the squares, they looked like this.

Then, using children’s pastel crayons, I decorated the white side.  *The crayons will be given to the children so they can decorate one square by themselves*

As I always love to use two shades for words, I outlined with a darker shade and coloured the words in with a lighter one….

…decorated it a little more for fun….

…placed it outside in, sewed along the sides and flipped it back out.

I purposely left the bottom edge open, so i can show the children the inside…

like this!  My kids are always so curious about the materials I make for them that they have to hold and observe  them.

I’ll see how it goes this Sunday!

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  1. Muriel C
    Jul 2, 2011

    Great project. I’m going to try incorporating my class’ felt sewing projects into a giant quilt to display on our door.


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