How to – Strong Protective Envelopes from Tissue Boxes

One thing I miss about Tokyo is the fact that you never actually have to buy tissues. This is due to the fact that there are thousands of people giving out free personal tissue packs to help advertise companies in the area.  My last apartment was right by a Softbank shop, so I was covered for pink packets of Softbank tissues.

Here, we are constantly in need of inexpensive tissues and basically stock up when they’re on sale but I just hate throwing out the pretty boxes once the tissues are done, so I decided to make something from them -strong envelopes!

Since the cardboard is quite thick, it can protect delicate things like photos or cards and the bonus is that the interior will have a lovely colourful pattern.

If you would like to try this out, try the steps that I did and alter anything that you feel will work better -and make sure to tell me too please *^_^*


Start off with an empty tissue box:

Cut the top part off and lay the box flat:

Cut off the excess tabs except for the two longer ones in the middle (just trim them a bit):

With the patterned side up, flip the bottom tab up and glue or tape it to the flaps on the sides:

Fold the top flap down and seal with stickers or tape:

I thought these were quite boring, so I decided to use the excess pieces to make them cute:

Faux stamps:

Decorative detail to seal the envelope:

Have fun with these by cutting decorative borders or flaps. If you would like them featured on the site, please let me know!

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