Why Origami is Important for Us All

Traditional Japanese crane

I love origami. It’s fun and enjoyable to make and can expand the world for many people in different ways.

When I was much younger, I was actually quite shy (though most people today wouldn’t believe it!) and it was difficult for me to make friends or even stand out in class among the other children. One thing that helped me get out of my shell was origami. I would sit quietly folding different origami models that I learned from my father. Once a model was done, I would place it on my desk and start another one.

Glass centrepiece - vase filled with origami planes

The one folded paper object was enough to grab the curiosity of some children and from there, new friendships were made. The other children would ask me what I was doing and even request certain objects, and I would show how to make certain things like 3D tulips or cranes. This unexpected attention actually helped me interact with others and gain the confidence I needed, because I was introducing a new concept that I knew and loved.

Tulip made with translucent origami plastic sheets

People of all ages can do the same thing, whether it’s to gain confidence, to create a new environment for themselves, or change someone’s mood. For example, sometimes when I’m out and I see children who are cranky or sad, and quite possibly giving their parents a hard time, I try to find a scrap piece of paper and quickly fold an origami crane (traditional Japanese bird).

After asking the parent if it’s alright to give to the children, I would introduce this new “toy”, and it surprisingly quiets them down quickly since most of these children have never seen origami before.
I always get surprised looks from the parents, mainly because it’s not common for random people to approach you with folded paper toys, but once they see the results, the surprise turns to a smile.
One piece of scrap paper not only became a quiet moment for the parent, but also a new curious toy for the child.

Japanese Shuriken (throwing star) strung as decoration

The benefits of origami are truly endless for future advancements and stress relievers in everyday life.
The simple techniques and creations exercise the brain just like solving puzzles and helps personalities grow by building confidence. Also, as I’ve mentioned in an article based on origami benefits, it’s also the perfect tool to train fine motor skills for people both young and old.


  1. SC
    May 16, 2010

    I really love your posts, they’re so great!

  2. Samatha Philps
    May 31, 2010

    This is a really good read for me! Thanks for posting this informative article.

  3. kumori
    Jul 23, 2011

    `your post somehow touched me..i was also really shy ever since..i have no idea how to gain confidence..thanks to my two male bestfriends that got me out of my shell in high school..unfortunately, i left my comfort zone for about two years now..i always go to another place and experience new stuffs..my shyness still lingers..i keep on encountering new beginnings..but you know, i found a way how to create a new environment for myself where i’ll feel comfortable..i draw whatever i want instead of just sitting quietly..since i also have a passion in origami, i’ll try to fold as many papers as i can..maybe people around me will appreciate it than my 2D works..well then..continue to make interesting posts~ ;w;

  4. Origamilover
    Apr 16, 2012

    Awww! i love this! thanks for sharing!!! <3


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