Summer Avocado Tomato Pasta Salad

Lately the weather in Tokyo has been unbelievably hot and humid. Though uncomfortable to stay in the city with this weather, it got me in the mood to make my fun avocado tomato pasta salad (a favorite at home).

It’s a great summer dish that’s quick, very healthy, and just looks like a “happy” dish.


2 cups pasta

2 ripe avocado

cherry tomatoes (as many as you like)

1-2 tbs white vinegar (balsamic also works well)

2-3 tbs dried basil or dry herb mix

salt and pepper to taste

other options: parmesan cheese or paprika powder


Cook the pasta to desired tenderness and run under cool water to stop cooking process, then strain well.

In a large bowl, scoop one of the avocado (preferably the softest one) and add vinegar.
Smush it with a fork until creamy (slightly lumpy is good too!).

Cube the second avocado and cut the cherry tomatoes (10-20) in half. Add to the creamy avocado.

Now, add the pasta with the dry herbs, toss well. Finally, add salt and pepper to desired taste.

At this point, you may add more vinegar to add a bit of a sour flavor to compliment the sweet tomatoes and creamy avocado.
You should also try adding other vegetables, like bell peppers or green beans to change the flavors.


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  1. Jill
    Jul 25, 2011

    I made this dish several times and absolutely love it. Very refreshing for hot summer days.


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