Kirigami Heart Mobile Made With Wrappers

Going back to my chocolate and candy wrappers post, I decided to take a few of the silver ones and make a heart mobile.

It’s pretty simple to make and great as little decorations in the window, on a wall, in a tree or just hanging outside. I put this one out on the bamboo pole to decorate the area for the birds a bit more.

Here’s what I did to make the two large opposing hearts:

1 – Flatten the wrapper (I use a small ruler).

2 – Fold it in half widthwise.

3 – Fold it over again in a book fold.

4 – Make sure the top and left-hand edges are the folded ones.

5 – Draw the heart outline as shown, making sure both folded edges are included.

6 – Cut out the heart shape (shown in dark grey) and carefully flatten with the ruler or heavy book.

The other two large hearts side-by-side:

A – Flatten the wrapper like the previous kirigami hearts.

B – Fold widthwise.

C – Now fold lengthwise to give you a narrow strip.

D – Now draw the heart as shown, making sure the curve of the heart includes the side fold as well as the open edges.

E – Cut along the lines, unfold and carefully flatten.

Finally, the small individual hearts:

All I did for these is simply fold the wrappers in half and cut out two smaller individual hearts.

Once they are all done, take a ribbon or string, secure them with a dab of glue and let them dry completely.

It’s done! I love how delicate and pretty it turned out, especially with the shimmer when the sunlight hits it.

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