Simple Envelope Decorations with Fun Tape

I love fun tape because it’s……well….. just so fun to use.

The easiest thing I use it for is creating borders on pretty much anything I want to decorate. Here’s one example of using fun decorative tape to dress up plain envelopes:

In my box filled with plain envelopes, I managed to find two that matched the sakura fun tape that I chose.

All I did was outline parts of the envelope that I wanted and cut off the excess from the sides.

To make it interesting on both sides, I just added a strip to the envelope flap.

You can fold the tape over to create a border both inside and out, but I just taped to the edge and trimmed the ends.

I also made a cute faux stamp with a bit of tape on Japanese weaved tissue paper.

Very simple! Try it next time you have a letter or card for someone.

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  1. Marion
    Jul 18, 2010

    I’m lovin it, it’s too cute ^_^
    Thank U for the idea !!!

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