Origami and Kirigami Mobiles

***Quite busy these days, but the pictures will be posted at some point in the future!***

Origami is a great method to create interesting and intricate looking decorations, very fun mobiles for children, or even outdoor wind chimes.

Origami can use any paper, or even fabric, it all depends on the model and function.

My favorite paper is chiyogami or light washi, but I have used many others like tissue paper, old wrapping paper, cardboard paper, magazines, brochures and even parchment paper.

When using chiyogami and washi, they are lovely for special decorations or additions to gifts since they vary in colour, pattern and texture.

They are great for origami mobiles and if properly sealed, outdoor creations as well.

To begin, decide which origami shape, and how many of them you would like.
Then choose the paper you would like.

If it’s for a baby’s mobile, sharp, contrast works best, so black and white patterns are a good choice.

For outdoor wind chimes, a thicker waxy paper would work well, but chiyogami and washi are also great choices as long as you use a waterproof sealer.

The size of the paper is your choice, the average origami sheets come in 15cm x 15cm squares, but you can cut that into quarters and make mini origami pieces, or just buy small pre-cut packs of origami.

mini origami paper


  1. Mel
    Feb 9, 2011

    I love it!

  2. Celine
    Dec 2, 2011

    Wonderful blog! All of your tuts are adorable! I’m going to make a kirigami mobile for my new little nephew’s crib.

    Many thanks!

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