One Good Thing a Day – Project Day 89 – “Spring Bento!”

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love a cute bento, so here’s a simple Japanese-style bento just for spring!  Ideally, we would all gather our adorable bento creations for hanami (See previous posts about hanami here and here!)

There are no rules to making a bento, pretty much see what you have on hand and experiment! I just cut round slices from a medium carrot, then cut out little wedges all around. After that, I sliced green beans diagonally and arranged them to look like leaves and stems of flowers. The black sesame was added only because it’s yummy *^_^*

I will post a how to for the rolled omelette soon and the decorative fish cakes are readily available in Japanese shops or sometimes in Asian grocery stores.

If you don’t have a bento box yet, you can buy your own bento here!

Have fun with your bento and please send over photos! I’ll post them in the blog for others to see too!

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