Hanami 2010 – Cherry Blossoms and Friends

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The season is in full bloom and it’s time to party and have a great time with friends.

Right now, it’s the peak of the blossoms in Tokyo, so we create events or simply find time to go out and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Yesterday was my picnic event…..and along with my party group (that was large in itself) the amount of people that went out to Yoyogi park (most famous park in the city) was unbelievable!


This year was far more packed than in previous years -truly an experience for all.

Sometimes you get lucky and get to a park early or at a time where there aren’t as many people (like a weekday afternoon):


If you ever plan a visit to Japan, try to book it during Hanami season, so that you can enjoy the sights and sounds of the loveliest season and it’s celebrations.

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  1. burn
    Jun 22, 2010

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    Can we ex links? May I ask you a question with regards to our lesson especially about Japanese Art and Japanese Music?

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