One Good Thing A Day – Project Day 33 – Ugliest Hat Ever

While this certainly didn’t make me feel happy, it certainly made me think about Tokyo fashion yet again.

I saw a young woman on the train this evening and she was wearing what could have been the ugliest hat I have ever seen in my life. To make it worse, this woman seemed quite stuck up and refused to move out of the way when someone wanted to walk past.

Anyway, this is a very quick sketch I did on my phone -it’s a horrible picture, because it’s a horrible hat.

This was basically a trucker hat with hunter’s ear flaps sewn on the sides. The bill was green, grey and black camo -in sparkles. The front had a swirl leaf pattern in purple, hot pink, white and black -in sparkles. and finally the flaps were black with brown and caramel matted fur sticking out like a wet cat.

Since it’s a woman in Tokyo wearing it, I’ll assume it’s a designer. If anyone knows who made this or why it was allowed to be sold, please message me!

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