Muffin cup flowers

A fun and simple way to make decorative flowers. All you need is a pack of muffin cups.

I purchased an inexpenisve pack of foil muffin cups from the ¥100 shop (Japanese version of a dollar store).

Between each foil cup was a thin white paper one, and when I took them apart, I loved the combination of matte white with shiny metal.
I found a new way to make a fun muffin cup flower that can decorate pretty much anything you’d like.

Make mini ones to glue onto cards or notebooks, or combine a few flowers with ribbon to make a floral hanging ball!

First, separate the cups and folded them in half to make a semi circle. Take each semi circle and roll it into a cone shape and secured with a small piece of tape.

*Make seven cones of each colour.

Once all the cones are completed, secure one white one into a silver one.
I used a loop of tape, but any adhesive will do.

Next, fold seven sets of white and silver semi circles.

Layer one white over a silver and roll it into a coil.

Now you should have seven cones and seven coils. Place and secure one coil into each cone.

Once that’s done, you have seven mini flowers. If you would like to stop at this step, cover the out layer with a muffin cup and add a stem (pencil, wire, twig, anything) -and you can have a stemmed bouquet.

If you would like to complete the bigger flower, secure one to another to form a circle, flip it over and it’s done!

Make three large flowers and combine them to form a ball. Add a ribbon and it’s a hanging decoration.


  1. Sue
    Aug 20, 2010


    Does anybody know where I can get edible muffin cases? I think they are made from rice/wafer paper?

    I saw some when searching Google, I’m sure they were Japanese but cannot find it now!

    If you can help, I would be so very grateful!


  2. Sonia
    Jul 26, 2011

    I absolutely love this! I’m sure my kids will like it the next time we have our “family craft night”. Thanks for the idea!

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