More Winter Fun Outdoors

We took some time off to get some hiking and snowshoeing in before the winter ended (and because it felt like a great time to unwind from not-so-fun-stuff from everyday life).

We packed up a few essentials like warm thermals, hot tea, snacks and extra socks for the cold Northern winter and headed out to Algonquin Park (see map here).

Our first day there was absolutely beautiful. The sun was out, the weather was warm (by Canadian winter standards) and our trail was easy to handle.

sunny winter day

Beautiful sunny day.


Inukshuk made of ice and snow.

snowshoeing trail

Snowshoeing Trail


Much better to snowshoe than walk through the deep snow.

trail bridge

Slippery bridge over a river.


Peace in nature.

feeding chickadees

Feeding the adorable chickadees.


I left some seeds behind as we moved along.

fallen tree

Part of a fallen tree we had to crawl under.

lots of ice

Love the ice.


Bridge at the end of a trail.

The second day….could have been nicer but it was lovely snowfall nonetheless.

watch for moose

Bad weather and moose warnings.


Love the rock colours.


Can’t wait for summer!



winter sunset

Beautiful sunset.

What do you enjoy doing during winter as a way to unwind from a hectic life?  Comment below and share!




  1. Michele
    Apr 12, 2013

    Oh Miho, how exciting it must have been to have the chickadee sit on your hand like that. I love those little birds but they always seem to be in motion. How cool it stayed long enough for you to get a photograph!

    • Miho
      Apr 17, 2013

      Yes, we were lucky they stuck around long enough. I do love them, such sweet little things 🙂

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