Missed the best photo!

I missed the best photo snap -ever!

This morning while I stood squished against the train door, I saw an older salaryman STANDING beside the door and swaying. He was fast asleep and even snoring.

That’s not the best part.

At the next station, a younger salaryman squeezed in front of the older one and started texting with his mobile. The older man briefly woke up, looked around, then fell asleep again…..and dropped his head on the young salaryman’s shoulder.

Not just gently touching the shoulder, but full-on cheek squished and mouth wide open (teeth were on the other guy’s blazer) and snoring.

Visualize that for a moment.

The young guy felt the head drop on his shoulder, raised his head abruptly and looked at the train door’s reflection to see what happened……when he saw the drooling salaryman, he immediately tensed up and stayed that way until the next station.

The moment the doors slid open, the young guy backed into me as though he was escaping the plague.

I actually had tears streaming down my face from holding in my laughter.

Since the train was so packed, I couldn’t even reach my phone, but burned the entire event in my brain.

I’m so sad that I missed such a wonderful photo of a sleeping salaryman…… but for your enjoyment, here are a couple pictures that are typical sights here in Tokyo:

This was sent to me from a friend who witnessed this very tired salaryman on a Saturday morning……

….and this one of a young woman who must have worked a lot of overtime….

If you are a facebook member and would like to see more examples of people asleep in Japan, check out the group “Nobody Sleeps Like The Japanese Do”.
Here are a few taken from the group to show you what I mean:

Very tired salaryman on the Yamanote Line train in Tokyo….

One of the many interesting poses that people are able to sleep in…. and now my all-time favorite……

Ramen Boy!!!

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