Miho at Fiverr.com – Are the Gigs Worth the Time and Money?

Some of you may have heard of Fiverr.com. It’s basically a micro outsourcing community that anyone can join to offer their products or services.  Great idea and very cheap…..but is it worth being a part of the community?

I’ve been a Fiverr member for a while now and have had many gigs ranging from offering advice, recipes, kirigami cut outs, handmade greeting cards, advertising and so on.  While some are very easy to complete and hand in, others required more effort and time. Keeping in mind that all gigs are $5.00, Fiverr keeps $1.00 of every sale, so it’s really $4.00 per gig sale.  You can have add-ons with each gig and charge more, but it’s rare for anyone to pay more than $10.00 for any product or service.


To see a list of my gigs, please check out my Fiverr page and tell me what you think: http://fiverr.com/mihos

I’ll appreciate any comments and suggestions for future gigs that you feel would be helpful to others (please post below!).


Whether it’s worth it or not for some, I don’t have a problem with my current gigs and have made over $200.00 since I’ve joined.  Some of my current gigs are:





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