How to: Tissue Box “Mystery Holiday” Bank

I spent the day cleaning out all of the “I can use it for crafts!” items that I have been collecting for a while and finally decided to take a little time out to get some things done. One of the first things I had to make was a “mystery holiday” bank from an empty tissue box and scraps of paper left over from this gift wrapping ideas post.

Basically, wrap the box with scraps of paper from the bottom up.  If your scraps don’t completely cover one side, simply tape down some more paper to cover it up -this will also give it a more “worn down” look.

Before taping or gluing down the paper at the top where the box opening is, fold two of the sides so they form a narrow slit at the opening.  This will allow you to put your coins or paper money inside without being able to reach in and get it out (during those more desperate times when we’re in need of some quick cash).

To complete the bank, I added some simple string around it to look like a cute travel package and it’s done!

How to: Tissue Box "Mystery Holiday" Bank

tissue box bank

Since I’ve been feeling the travel itch a lot lately, I’ve decided we’ll put away $5.00 bills only in this box 😀

Why is it a “mystery holiday”?

Once we’ve filled the box, we’ll open it up and see what we have saved up. From there, we’re going to research different destinations that fit the final budget and pack our bags!

I just can’t wait to see where we’ll end up going!

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