How to: Themed Birthday Gift Wrapping Idea

I was planning an “outdoor/travel” themed Birthday to go along with my gift choice (binoculars, animal tracking booklet, native medicinal plan booklet and more) and I wanted to continue the theme with the gift presentation as well.

I found a cheap bucket hat and this lovely world map print  and decided to combine the two for a unique way to present a collection of small gifts.


First, wrap each item separately in the map print paper or you can recycle old maps from home. To add a little more detail or to keep the gifts sealed (tape didn’t adhere to this paper well), you can use plain string for a simple/rustic feel.

Next, place thick cardboard to the bottom of the hat for a solid flat base and a longer “L” shaped piece to add support for taller gift items.


Arrange the gifts from tallest to shortest for a clean layered look and tie the bottom of the hat with string to keep everything together.

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