Guest Post: 8 Inexpensive Last Minute Holiday Decor Ideas that No One Else Will Have Thought Of!

Decorations transform a house into a home. They are one way a family add their personal touch to an otherwise non-descript building. During the holiday season, many people have similar decorations. People will hang lights and wreaths, decorate trees and place cookies on the table. Here are eight ways to make a home uniquely festive this holiday season…even if you are in a rush and have family on their way!

1. Candy Garland

Garlands are a standard decoration, but they do not have to be created in a standard way. Rather than making traditional garlands of popcorn and cranberries, use brightly wrapped candies. Staple together a bunch of candies and hang them around the home. A single color will create a conservative look, while two colors will add more flair. However, limit the colors to two; otherwise, the garland may lose its elegance. Also, be sure to place some candies for eating nearby. Candy garlands are a lot more tempting than stale popcorn and sour cranberries.

2. Evergreen Garland

Another fun way to make garland is from evergreen boughs. These can often be gathered from a nearby park. If there are none on the ground in your area, call a tree trimming service, because they may have some to give away for free. Tying these together in a bright red fabric creates a natural garland, which can be hung indoors or outdoors.

3. Cinnamon Stick Potpourri

When decorating, people should not consider the visual sense only. The holidays are filled with music that sings to the ears and foods that taste delicious. Cinnamon Stick Potpourri can tantalize guest’s sense of smell, while adding a cute aspect to decorations. These are quick, inexpensive and easy to make. Take a few cinnamon sticks, and tie them together with festive ribbon. If they are being placed along evergreen boughs, red works best. In other places, green and plaid are also great options.

4. Teddy Bear Chair

Children will gladly help with this decoration. Send them around the house on a scavenger hunt for all the teddy bears hiding in bedrooms and closets. Then, neatly arrange your teddy bear colony on a big chair. Any drum bears can be dressed up with ribbons, and they can all hold a small, brightly wrapped present.

5. Table Setting Bow

Whenever guests are coming over for a fancy sit-down meal during the holidays, tying a bow around their place setting adds a formal, but fun aspect to the occasion. Arrange the silverware and napkin neatly on the plate, and then tie a ribbon around the ensemble. After dinner, clean ribbons can be reused at another dinner or tied around presents.

6. Christmas Plants

During this season, every plant can become a miniature Christmas tree. Hang small ornaments from any house plants, using silver or gold fabric in place of ugly hooks. Who knows, maybe miniature presents will even appear under these “trees.”

7. Doily Table Runner

This time of year is the most popular season for table runners. Yet, yours can be unique. To create a distinctive table runner, collect old doilies from anywhere they can be found: you attic, your mother’s attic, your grandmother’s attic, garage sales and Craigslist. Then, arrange them on the table. Tie them together with white string, and trim the excess string. The result will be a snowflake-like table runner that cannot be found in stores.

8. Creative Candles

Rather than spending a lot of money on decorative candles, consider decorating plain candles. Select a few white pillar candles and purchase a collection of thumbtacks or pushpins, which can be used again next year. Wrap a rubber band around the candle for a guide, and then insert the pins. For the best results, limit yourself to two different colors. After removing the rubber band, you will have a candle that no one else does.

With these eight ideas, your house will become a home unlike any other. These creative ideas allow families to express themselves, but keep them simple. Elegance is often found in simplicity. Have fun this holiday season transforming your home.

Author Bio: Zach D. writes for Design55, a UK-based, online, modern furniture shop that carries such notable lines as Alessi and Blomus.


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    Dec 19, 2011

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