Quick and Easy Flip Flop Dress Up

The warm weather is finally upon us and it’s time to head out to get some good sun.

The other day we were planning to go out and explore Toronto Island, so I wanted to wear a cute summer dress with my light and comfortable flip flops but they just seemed too casual/dull for the dress.  I looked around to see what I had on hand to quickly dress them up and decided to tie a simple organza bow.

It literally took me 30 seconds to finish and away we went to explore!


30 second later!




Free Printable Coloring Pages from Animal Adventure!

The Animal Adventure Book site is now up and I’m working on some new freebies that anyone can print and save. Check out these FREE printable coloring pages or take a quick moment to check out the other freebies that are available for children.

I’m constantly adding new things to the site, so please be patient and check back regularly!

Here is one example of the coloring pages:

Free printable coloring page from AnimalAdventureBook.com


Happy Birthday to My Best(est) Friend Ever

It’s hard to believe the two of us have survived this long!

We basically started out as “partners in crime” almost two decades ago and I doubt anyone to this day understands how we work but I suppose that’s the fun part  *^_^*


During our marathon karaoke session in Shibuya, Tokyo.




How to: Themed Birthday Gift Wrapping Idea

I was planning an “outdoor/travel” themed Birthday to go along with my gift choice (binoculars, animal tracking booklet, native medicinal plan booklet and more) and I wanted to continue the theme with the gift presentation as well.

I found a cheap bucket hat and this lovely world map print  and decided to combine the two for a unique way to present a collection of small gifts.


First, wrap each item separately in the map print paper or you can recycle old maps from home. To add a little more detail or to keep the gifts sealed (tape didn’t adhere to this paper well), you can use plain string for a simple/rustic feel.

Next, place thick cardboard to the bottom of the hat for a solid flat base and a longer “L” shaped piece to add support for taller gift items.


Arrange the gifts from tallest to shortest for a clean layered look and tie the bottom of the hat with string to keep everything together.

Happy Mother’s Day!

I would like to wish a wonderful day to the loveliest (and most crazy) mother around<3

I also hope all of you mothers out there have a beautiful and relaxing day!