One Good Thing a Day – Project Day 86 – Kawaii Stickers *^_^*

I used to be one of those kids who had sticker books and even one large sticker album that was sorted according to type of sticker and even the objects/images  (ie. domestic animals, jungle animals, flowers, trees etc).  I doubt I will ever stop loving stickers and this is not just because I refuse to ever grow up but also because they have so many creative uses as well.

More than just for sealing an envelope or decorating a card, stickers can be used as a cute little decorative piece for art work, made into ornaments, cover up tears in books, laminated into book marks, used to mark different plants in gardens and so much more!

I found these adorable stickers the other day and had to buy them. At the moment they’re sitting on my calendar, waiting for me to decide what I will use them for.

Any suggestions?

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