One Good Thing A Day – Project Day 54 – Sakura Season in Toronto

It’s hanami time in Japan and it’s sad that I’m away from Tokyo this year.  Luckily, I’m close to High Park where the blossoms were blooming beautifully.

After a morning of writing and work, we decided to head out to enjoy them for our lunch break outdoors.

Our first encounter was my favorite bird with a lovely call:

My favorite: red-winged blackbird

We then followed the path to me this little guy:

By this point, we were very happy and excited to see so many animals -especially after so many years in Tokyo where the wildlife is seriously lacking.

We finally got to the sakura and my excitement filled the air. Certainly not as many trees as Japan but just as beautiful.

One thing we found funny was the majority of the people out snapping shots of the sakura were Asian (>_<)

Quite a few people but again, nothing compared to Japan.

Fun little trackless train that travels through the park. Very fun for the little ones.

We both thought this was fantastic:

After lunch, we sadly had to go back and get a lot of work done….. but before then, we came across a raccoon.



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