One Good Thing A Day – Project Day 53 – Strange Tokyo Restaurants

I just came across this article that made me think of Tokyo and how crazy it can be compared to Toronto:

Wild, Weird and Scary Tokyo

I’ve been to the Lockup in Shibuya a couple of times and it’s certainly a place to visit at least once in your travels. It’s a kind of prison/medical/monster theme where the waitresses are dressed in nurse outfits

and guys dressed up as either prisoners or monsters run around the cave restaurant.

Each seating area is in a jail cell with bars and at random times, the main lights go out, strobe lights go on and all chaos begins as the monster/prisoners run around “terrorizing” the customers in the cells.

You can also order drinks that come in test tubes

It’s definitely a “huh?” moment the first time…. but then again…. most things in Tokyo make you say that.

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