One Good Thing A Day – Project Day 11 – Happy Birthday Tata! & Iron Chef Michiba

Today is my Father’s Birthday!

Happy Birthday Tata!

I sent him some goodies from Japan….. like an instant curry from Iron Chef (Japanese/Better Iron Chef Show) Rokusaburo Michiba! We used to watch the show on TV together all the time and always loved his cooking and presentation style, so when I found the curry, I just had to send it over!

By far, my favorite chefs from the show were Rokusaburo Michiba (Japanese specialty) and Hiroyuki Sakai (French specialty). So far, (thanks to my wonderful boyfriend<3) I’ve been to one of Sakai San’s restaurants La Rochelle in Shibuya. What a stunning restaurant and dining experience indeed!

Sakai San in in Red and Michiba San in Blue

Click to go to La Rochelle Website

Read Michiba San’s Bio.

Read Sakai San’s Bio.

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