Need to Get Into the Halloween Spirit? Try a Themed Restaurant

The Lockup, one of the top unusual izakaya in Tokyo. Almost anyone who has ever been to Tokyo knows of this place and while it’s certainly a place that everyone should check out at least once, especially for Halloween, it’s certainly not a place to go when you’re looking for good food to eat.

Most izakaya offer a lovely selection of delicious food but the Lock Up focuses more on “interactive food” rather than taste. You can mix drink ingredients in beakers with syringes and all while sitting in your very own prison cell. In typical Tokyo fashion, it’s an eclectic mix of things that don’t really go together…men dressed as monsters and killers, young women dressed in skimpy nurse outfits and all in a prison theme.

If you wouldn’t mind a noisy place to eat with strobe lights and people running around hitting the bars of your cell, then I recommend The Lockup, however the last time I went there, about a dozen people had a Birthday (all in about 1 hour), which means the lights go down, strobe lights at full power, staff members run around yelling and the Birthday song plays loud a clear on top of that.

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