Manners in Tokyo

Many people say that Japanese people are among the most polite in the world. This unfortunately, isn’t the case in Tokyo, especially when travelling, so Tokyo Metro created a series of fantastic ads to promote good manners on the trains.

I know some readers might feel shocked about it, but I just want to clarify that I have never met a rude Japanese person, until I moved to downtown Tokyo.

The ads are pretty much based on facts and I will try to match some photos of real people doing exactly what the posters show.

This is my best example:

Here are three of the Tokyo Metro Ads followed by a picture of two people pretty much doing all three things. Not only is the man sleeping and taking up space, and the girl putting on makeup, but they are both sitting in the “priority seats” (sign behind them on the window) which is reserved for older people, pregnant and those with special needs.

Stay tuned for more ads coming soon!

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