Living Green, Day in and Day Out

Living a green lifestyle is easier than you may think. You can conserve, reuse and recycle everyday items to make the world a more Eco-friendly place to live. If everyone plays their small part, big differences can be made. Living a greener lifestyle has many added benefits in addition to preserving the planet, such as saving you money and improving your health. Try some of these easy ideas to get you started on a greener way of life.

Items That Can Be Reused:

Old or antique bricks and stones can be reused as a garden path or as the edging of a garden. Older stone and brick are colorful and add to the rustic beauty of the outdoors. You will save money and the environment by reusing natural resources.

Plastic store bags can accumulate very quickly. Do not throw them away. You can reuse the bags for small trash cans or take them back to the store for reuse. Some stores even offer recycling of used bags. You could also donate the bags to thrift stores or day care centers.

Furniture and light fixtures can be reused or re-purposed. There are plenty of antique stores, thrift stores and flea markets that you can explore. Not only can you purchase used furniture, you can donate it too. Most of the time antique furniture is better made than newer furniture.

Recycle items such as cell phones, computers, and even eyeglasses. There are some opticians that donate refurbished frames to the needy. Cell phones can be used in shelters because they still dial 911 even when they are no longer in service.

Ways to Conserve:

Rent or borrow items rather than buying. Some things you only need occasionally. Why purchase items that will just sit in your garage or shed? You can rent tools, smart phones, technological devices, party supplies, textbooks or any book for that matter, exercise equipment, camping gear and even a casket.

Conserve energy consumption. This will help your wallet as well as the environment. Adjust your thermostat slightly lower in the winter and higher in the summer. Unplug things that are not in use. Wash your laundry in cold water. Use a low-flow shower head and reduce your overall water consumption.

Ride your bike or walk to save gas money and to reduce chemical emissions. You can also carpool or use public transportation.

Buy a reusable water bottle instead of buying bottled water.

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