Kirigami is the traditional Japanese name for the art of cutting paper, more specifically, decorative paper cutting.

I’m sure many have tried it at one point or another, perhaps while in elementary school when cutting out those simple snowflakes, or even a string of people holding hands.

Kirigami has become one of the more challenging forms of paper crafts, as some artists create intricate cut outs that may take several hours, or even days to complete.

There are many simple kirigami folding and cutting techniques that are great for beginners, and the finished products are lovely cut outs that can be hung in a window, framed as a wall hanging, used to decorate mirrors or stationery, or even to create beautiful mobiles.

The greatest part about kirigami is the fact that you don’t have to use special papers like traditional chiyogami or washi. You can even use magazines or old bits of paper that happen to be around the home.

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