Kirigami Story/Poem Mobile

Kirigami is a great way to create fun and inventive works of art. It’s the kind of craft that can recycle different materials like paper from many of the common items that are found around the home.

Here’s a great project for a kirigami mobile where you can hang special messages, poetry or even a child’s favorite story.

You will need:

First, choose a few passages from a poem or story or write your own. (I chose passages from Romeo and Juliet)

Next, draw or print the first word (or one of the first words) from each passage in your favourite font on paper you would like to cut out from, making sure there is enough room above and below it to write the rest of the passage. (I chose the words “Juliet” “Romeo” and “Heaven”)

*If you have paper that can’t go through a printer, simply print the words on a plain piece of paper and then layer it with the piece you would like to cut out.

Next, cut the words out on a cutting mat with a scalpel knife. If you’ve layered the printed paper, make sure it’s on top of the paper you would like to use in the mobile so you can follow along those lines. Once you’re done, toss the cut out printed sheet or think of another craft project.

Next, you can punch a hole at the top of your passages or just thread the ribbon through the cut outs. If you would like to add some pop colours, just place colourful paper to the back of the kirigami cut out. (I used red behind my kirigami words to match the ribbon)

Finally, tie the ribbons to the dowel or bamboo and hang with a loop or a screw in hook at the top.

You can create home decor for yourself or give these as a gift for special occasions. Enjoy!

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