How to: Recycle Old Packaging for Ice Cubes

For those of you who may have a lot of product packages around the home and would like to find some use for them, consider turning some into fun ice cube trays.

A while ago, I bought myself these adorable ninja-shaped cookie cutters and kept the package for a craft that I still have to think up.  In the meantime, I can use the little plastic insert to make ninja-shaped ice cubes!

ninjabread cutters

I washed the package insert and filled it with iced tea.

I then gently placed it on a flat surface in the freezer and left it there for about an hour.

They turned out great!

You can then add them to drinks for have them “fight” while whirling in a bowl of cold water.

Try this out with different packages like plastic egg cartons, electronics packages and more to see what comes out when you add a little water or juice to them!

***If you would like to get your own ninja cutters, you can click here to find them on Amazon***

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