How to Make Folder Games for Children

Folder games are wonderful for young children and for parents as well. Not only do these games help children learn to match objects, but it’s also easy to customize these games to help children learn many other things like colours, numbers, country flags and more.

I loved using them in my preschool classes because they are quick, fun and easy to store dozens of them in one file folder box.

If you would like to make your own  folder games, start off with:

  • a standard file folder
  • cardboard paper
  • double-sized tape
  • scissors
  • matching cards, gift wrapping with images on it, children’s Valentine’s Day card sets, draw your own images or print some off the computer
  • a pack of self-laminating sheets
  • optional: stickers

Cut out several pairs of matching images. One card from each pair should be arranged on the file folder and the other card from the pair should be taped on a piece of cardboard (these will become the matching cards).


Once the main pieces are taped in place, you can further decorate the inside of the folder or leave it as it is.  Adding extra stickers or colour can make the matching more difficult for the children. Laminate both the folder and all of the cards to ensure durability for longer use.


Once you are done, simply place the cards in a resealable clear bag, place that in the folder and store it in a file box. Easy!


Here is one I made of colourful animals from children’s wrapping paper:


Here I made one of hand-drawn sign language letters:


This is one of hand-drawn space images (the kids loved this one):


Throughout a year, preschool children will receive various Birthday invitations, holiday-themed cards, certificates of achievements and more, so why not turn each of these items into a new folder game?  It’s a great way to store all of these keepsakes and make them more educational!

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