How to Find Free Crafting Materials at Home – Play Room

Play Room

Ah, the play room. So many items that find their way into this room and so many forgotten toys just collecting dust.  This room is perhaps one of the best for finding crafting materials that can be used for fun, create new toys for the children or even to make DIY gifts for others.

For those items that are still clean and in good condition, consider donating them before using them for crafts. There are many children out there who are not as fortunate and they will surely love a “new” toy to play with.


  1. Make planters out of old plastic toys. Check out this great tutorial from The Thrillz of Hillz.
  2. Stick on some magnetic strips to the back of the toys for some fun magnets.
  3. Arrange small toys on an old picture frame for a fun way to show off children’s work of art.
  4. Arrange and hang up old toys to make a fun canopy.
  5. Make interesting bookends for the children or adults! Check out the tutorial at Mad in Crafts.



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