How to Find Free Crafting Materials at Home – Basement, Garage and Attic

Basement, Garage and Attic

These three places of the home are generally treated like an endless pit… which is probably why they get stuffed with everything under the sun.  They are the home for the long lost and long forgotten items that we just can’t seem to find -ever.

Take one weekend to clear out these rooms and finally get rid of the unnecessary clutter. You may be surprised at what you might find.


As a general rule when clearing out these massive spaces, sort everything into piles under:

Keep – Items you really truly need on a daily basis or even for a particular season.

Donate – Items you don’t really need or want anymore. These items should be in good condition and clean.

Crafting/Repurpose Materials – Items that are perhaps not needed and are not in the best condition for donating… but there is still some use for them in one form or another.

Recycle or Freecycle – Any items that are no longer useful and are unable to be donated or used as a DIY project. Check for freecycle groups in your city. You never know, someone may take some of stuff for free, making your recycling job easier!

Trash – These are the items that have definitely seen their last day. Items that are broken, moldy, or falling to bits.


  1. Turn furniture into play areas. Check out these tutorials to make a children’s play kitchen out of an old TV cabinet.
  2. Make beautiful (and simple) decorative containers like these from the Gilded Hare.
  3. Make incredible toys and playhouses from regular boxes.
  4. Decorate old lampshades with fabric flowers for a new look. See an example here.
  5. Take old furniture, sand it down and repaint in a bright solid colour.  They instantly look modern and new!


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