How to: Dryer Sheet Bows

I sometimes use dryer sheets to fluff up clothing or towels and always feel bad for just tossing them away after one load.  I wondered if I could use them for something besides laundry or cleaning, so I tried to make decorations from them.

First, I cut each sheet in half.

Then I pinched the sheets in the middle and secured them with string. I made it look a little neater by cutting the ends close to the knot.

This bow can be used as is, but I wanted something a little rounder…

so I simply trimmed the corners a little.

I then used the same string to decorate this little gift and thought it looked great.  The bonus for scented dryer sheets is that the gift will smell lovely too 😀

Try them for gifts, greeting cards, notebook decorations or even as pencil toppers (all you need is a dab of glue)!


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