Guest Post: How to Use Digital Fabric Printing In Your Home

Fashion and designing in the 21st century has moved to new levels. Decorating has taken a great turn and everything that can be used is bringing home décor to exciting and created levels. From the dumpsters to the resale and antique shops to furniture stores, items are being purchased and used strategically to beautify homes that would never have been thought of.

Now since the age of automation, everything has become digital including digital fabric designing. Individuals are not limited anymore to going and buying fabric that is pre-printed with someone else’s designs, but can now create their own and have it printed directly on the fabric of choice. In addition, they have privy to their own colors and can make the designs as personal or impersonal as they want them to be.

The application of various colors in diverse designs on fabric using inkjet technology has become one of the fastest growing textile printing methods on the market. The technique is changing the look of decoration in residential and commercial structures with its many personal touches. New ideas are being birth and discussed further on in the reading.


Your personal touch added to window treatment will make a great statement. Whether it is curtains, shutters, or blinds, colors and designs can be matched cohesively rendering a look that is aesthetically stunning.


Nothing could be more exciting and brought to life for any bedroom in the home than a representation of some memorable event that can be reconstructed in the form of digital fabric printing. Bedding sets that include window treatment, comforter, sheets, pillowcases, shams and whatever other additions that is desired can be the most creative and welcoming idea that one can initiate. Whether it is a child’s room, a guest room, or the master bedroom, with the application of fresh colors and personalize prints, the perfect bedding set can be designed.

Wall Covering

Many designers are now using fabric as wall covering. A boring room can be given a fresh and new look. Take advantage of this process by adding texture and pattern to your walls with your favorite design and colors.


Need an old sofa, chair, pillow, ottoman, or even a dresser covered, using a piece of fabric that has been digitally printed can be a fun and created way to get it done. Decide on the color, design, and the application mode that will be used and you are on your way to producing a piece of family history that will be special and enjoyed in the many years to come.

Digital Art

Become an artist in your own rights. Show off a lovely piece of art whether it is abstract, realist, or folk art, and bring your creativity to life with a designed piece of fabric as the main focus. Digital fabric printing can take a small stroke of amateurism and bring it to a level of genus with a bold presentation. It will look like a piece of artwork that has been worked on for weeks when seen in the final presentation stage and framed.

Alicia is a graphic design and interior decorating student, hoping to combine the two to create modern interior design concepts by utilising tools such as digital printing, design software and homewares.

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