Guest Post: How to Pose Well While Taking a Cosplay Picture

In short, cosplayers will expect to look cool, pretty, graceful or sexy while being taken a picture. Besides, they want to highlight the cartoon characters’ features. Then, how to pose while photographing becomes a crucial aspect. Below, some helpful tips are shared.

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Tip 1: Look Up

You will seem much more imposing if being shot over the head. But make sure your sight line is under the horizontal line of light.

Tip 2: Tilt your Face

People who look directly to the lens will often seem unnatural, and even rigid. So you can tilt your face upward, downward, towards the left or right. Anyway, once your face doesn’t keep parallel to the lens, you will seem much better.

Tip 3: Lift your Hips

Referring to the side where you will be photographed, it’s nothing but from the front, side and back face. To show your curve from the front side, just raise your hips.

Tip 4: Look back with half of your face tilted.

Posture of looking back is eternally popular for being photographed. It’s nothing strange in daily life, which is frequently used by people while being photographed. Plus, with a titled half face, you will look much better, especially when you imitate a female cartoon character with a backless costume.

Tip 5: Raise one Shoulder

While raising one shoulder, keep your both hands relaxed on the side. Meanwhile, tilt your head to one side. This makes you seem confident and also sexy.

Tip 6: Stand with Arms Akimbo

This gesture makes you feel mature, confident and also a little nifty. If your head is slightly raised, you will seem more graceful. For girls who want to accent their coquettish appeal, they can use one hand to hook the sash or to lift the skirt.

Tip 7: Hide Your Face

Naturally, that doesn’t mean to fully hide your face. On the contrary, you will draw the most attention from the audience to the exposed parts of your face. You can really emphasize the most beautiful features on your face in this manner.

Tip 8: Place Your Hands on the Back of Your Hip

This posture is unusual and a little difficult to be shown but it often makes the photographed subject incredibly charming. Yes, just put your hands on the back of your hip. In this case, the slim curves on your waist and back are made more flattering.

Tip 9: Keep legs separate.

To keep your legs close together with each other is absolutely not a good idea for great cosplay pictures. Just keep them separate and place the weight of your whole body on the left leg. The right leg splits forward. Turn your upper body slightly to the back. Finally, raise your right shoulder.

Tip 10: Lean Against a Wall

While taking a full-length portrait, a slant angle of 45° should work best. The leg that holds the body’s weight goes forward, then crossed with the other leg that’s positioned to the back. Raise the back knee slightly. A natural rise of the crotch is a finishing touch for the perfect posture. Another additional touch is to keep arms akimbo.

Here are two simple rules for best photograph positioning:

Tip 1: Stand at the Diagonal of the Frame

If your whole body is shot, you should stand at the diagonal of the scene that will appear in the picture. In this case, you will seem more slender. When the field of vision on the frame is wide, you will also seem much taller. Certainly communicate with the photographer before doing this.

Tip 2: Don’t Stand with Your Back to the Light

Backlight feels nice but sometimes it just adds noise to the picture, making it seem unclean. Avoid standing with your back to the light, unless you would like to achieve two particular looks that do you favor.

If you want to stand with your back to the light, you should let the backlight fully cover you. So, only the outline of your body can be seen. This will bring out a great picture. Besides, you can stand at a backlit place where any other scenery except you can be clearly seen. You will look great if taking this photo during a sunrise or sunset.

There are many aspects that contribute to a great cosplay picture. Hopefully you have gotten some inspiration from these tips.

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