Guest Post: 6 Winter Activities to Keep the Whole Family in Shape

For many people, winter is the most difficult season to stay healthy. Cold weather sets in and people spend less time outdoors.

There are many opportunities to eat calorie-laden foods, but few to burn those calories off. Here are six winter activities to keep the whole family in shape. These can be enjoyed by people of all ages, even younger children can even enjoy these activities with everyone.


Snow skiing is a strictly winter sport. It is one of the most physically demanding sports, yet it can be enjoyed by almost anyone. Experts will tone their bodies, focusing on their legs and torsos, but general skiers do not need to exercise before going out. Skiing itself can be the exercise.

Families can enjoy both downhill skiing and cross-country skiing together. When deciding which a family would be best suited for, there are a couple of factors to consider.

Downhill skiing is much more expensive than cross-country. The equipment costs more and the most significant cost is the lift ticket. A cheap ticket will cost under $40.00 for a local hill but tickets in resorts can easily cost $100.00 or more.

When cross-country skiing, families might have to pay for access to a park or a trail, but these prices are insignificant in comparison to downhill skiing.

Families with little children should pack snacks and a thermos of hot chocolate if they are going cross-country skiing. Many downhill slopes have a lodge at their base, where people can duck in to get warm and eat lunch. Most cross-country trails are miles long and do not have a shelter.

Ice Skating

Going ice skating is a classic winter activity. Many parents have gone ice skating since childhood but neglect to bring their children ice skating. Skate rentals are usually only a few dollars and admission to a rink is also affordable, if not free. While skating, families will have fun weaving around each other, watching one another fall and sip hot cocoa or tea.

Christmas Light Walk

For about a month out of the year, trees, houses and businesses are decorated with beautiful lights. Driving around town is a popular way to admire everyone’s lights, but this mode does not burn any calories.

Instead of taking the car around houses, put on a hat and some mittens and take the family for a walk around a few blocks. Walking is a peaceful way to appreciate the holiday decorations, have some precious family time and get some exercise, all at once.

Snowball Fight

For the brave parents, engaging children in a snowball fight can be a blast. As family members try to hit each other with snowballs while evading other’s throws, they will get a great workout. Running around is especially difficult if the snow is deep.

In order to make sure everyone has a good time, there should be a few ground rules. Do not throw snow at anyone’s face, only make snowballs/no ice-chunks are allowed and most importantly, do not eat yellow snow….. unless your older brother does first 😛


Building a snowman provides a workout similar to having a snowball fight but it is much more peaceful. Rolling and lifting a large a chunk of snow is not as easy as children might think. Everyone can help decorate the snowman with old winter gear or find items from the environment. Once the snowman or snowwoman is made, everyone can then make a snow angel.


What better way is there to celebrate the end of the football season than with a family game? Most families will want to limit this to touch football to make sure everyone can participate. Playing on snow makes people work harder and helps even the field of talent.

Winter is a time of eating hearty foods and staying warm. This year, it does not need to be a season of gaining weight. These six activities are ways that the entire family can spend quality time together, while exercising.

Author Bio: Jason S. writes for Iron Science Whey Protein, a manufacturer of quality nutrition supplements ranging from whey protein isolate to creatine.

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