Glass Water Bottles for Everyday Use

I’m sure there are many people like me who drink endless amounts of water and need a good water bottle to carry around for everyday use. I have always hated plastic bottles, but even more so when I start tasting plastic flavoured water.  I spent a long time searching for a water bottle that was….


1 – not made with plastic

2 – not made in China

Although the first point wasn’t too difficult to find, the second point certainly was.  I though stainless steel would be the best choice for me since it doesn’t transfer flavours into liquids but then I thought they wouldn’t work well while biking during hot days.  I then decided to try and find a glass water bottle that wasn’t made in China and one that would have a protective out layer to absorb bumps.

I found several beautiful designs by TAKEYA (click below to see their products)

I really wanted the lovely powder blue water bottle, I never got around to buying it 🙁

During our holiday in DC, we went into a Whole Foods for the first time and like many others, I fell in love with the place. I also found a very pretty glass water bottle that has a silicon protective shell, which was exactly what I was looking for!

This one was made by LifeFactory

(see their products here:

and I absolutely love it. It has little markings for both ounces and millilitres, so I know exactly how much I’m drinking and helps for mixing drinks.  I’m hoping this one works well when it’s warmer for bike rides!

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