Fiverr Has a lot of Talented Artists – Kelly

I was looking to replace my current “About Me” photo with something more artistic and professional looking, so I decided to check out the different gigs in Fiverr. I managed to find one with great reviews and sample work that really matches my style, so I decided to give them a try.

I only gave a couple of reference photos and information of things that I like (sakura of course) and this was the end result:

For those of you in need of a talented artist, please read on…

Kelly an Ohio-based artist and illustrator who has worked on everything from caricatures to book covers. While predominantly specializing in digital art, she also works with more traditional media, including paint, marker, and graphite. When she isn’t working on commissions, Kelly can be found working on her website, adding artwork, animations, and minicomics.

To hire Kelly for a commission or to view samples of her work,
please visit:




Here is another sample of her work:


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