Five Alternatives to Video Games

Video games can be great fun and they provide a great way to teach children problem-solving skills. They can even be used as a brain training tool. However, you may find that excessive use of video games by your children can result in lack of social interaction with their peers, shorter attention spans and a definitive lack of exercise. These problems can be solved with some alternative fun activities to video games. Here are a few ideas with some tips to encourage your child to take part in these activities. 


A child’s room is never complete without books. Whether these include picture books to help them learn from a young age or whether you want to encourage imagination from reading fiction, reading is always a great form of entertainment. Video games put the images and action up on the screen, therefore young gamers will never be able to fully expand their imagination to create little worlds of their own. Reading also helps to expand children’s ability to spell and understand complex words. You can always find a book that suits your child’s interests or makes them laugh, which further encourages them to continue reading.

Jigsaw Puzzles and Construction Sets

One of the best ways to encourage concentration is to pick a construction set like Lego or a jigsaw puzzle. Puzzles of any kind can improve a child’s problem-solving skills and the thrill of seeing their finished model or puzzle will give them an incentive to continue with this activity. Many puzzle games and jigsaws have a theme that fits in with children’s cultural interests. Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean or even Disney themed puzzles can help encourage them to take up the activity.

Board Games

Board games are also a great way to encourage problem solving and have the competitive element that video games have. They are also a great family activity so making it a regular household activity can also encourage bonding with your child.

Outdoor Activities

Playing outdoors is important as it helps with their social interactions as well as giving children the essential exercise they need to keep the body fit and the mind active. Making up their own outdoor games can also stimulate their imagination. Children still love to play outdoors, so further encouragement of this is essential for their general well-being. If video games become a distraction or a borderline addiction, you may have to put a time limit on how long they spend on the computer.

Arts and Crafts

Encouraging your children to take part in arts and crafts can broaden their sense of creativity. The achievement of making something from scratch can be extremely rewarding for a child and it will encourage them more if you display their work somewhere in the home.

Spending some time drawing with your child or painting can be a great way to encourage this activity too. This way they get to spend some time with their parents and they create something that they can show off to their friends afterwards. Watching art shows on television can give you some ideas on what to design or make. Girls may enjoy activities related to fashion, like making bracelets or customising clothes, whereas boys may enjoy making a model aeroplane or something that they can play with afterwards.

Video games do have some benefits, but if they are becoming a regular fixture in your household, these are just some ways to try to show your children that other activities can be just as fun and rewarding.

This guest post was written by Francesca, who comes from the UK. She currently writes for Notting Hill Editions.

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