Engagement Party Fun!

My best friend has her engagement party today and I’m helping out as much as I can.  I made a few decorations that she’ll hopefully like (I’ll post “how to’s” for them later) *^_^*

I also managed to get a fun gift add-on from a talented artists I found through Fiverr (here’s his link: http://fiverr.com/eadgery). He can draw virtually anything you like in a Disney style and I absolutely love it!  He’s more than just the standard $5.00 when choosing add-ons for the work, but I think it’s totally worth it!

Here’s how it turned out:

I added a little Paris stamp in the top left corner with the date of their actual engagement in Paris (how romantic!).  I figure this is a fun little keepsake for that special moment in their lives -I really hope they like it.

More photos and projects to come in the days ahead, so please stay tuned  *^_^*

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