“designer” doesn’t equal “good”

Apologies for not writing lately, since I’ve been busy working yet again.

I was given a fashion-related topic to write about and came across the most disgusting Louboutin shoes that I have ever seen:

After observing these things, I decided to look through the site to see what else was available and was shocked to find other monstrous creations that men and women are supposed to wear.

I quickly realized that I’ve seen several of those styles on the streets of Tokyo (of course).

I also realized that many people still don’t understand that not all designers have good taste at times and just because a “big name” is attached to something, doesn’t mean it should be purchased or worn.

If you know of other fashion crimes, please comment below!

Final though:

If you have the money to burn on terrible designer shoes, why not choose to do something better with it? Buy a pair of pretty shoes for less than half of what Louboutin charges and donate the rest to those in need!

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