One Good Thing A Day – Project Day 50 – Thank You All <3

It’s difficult to find good things these days, especially with motion sickness from being at home, food/housohold product shortages from hoarders and nuclear panic….. just to name a few.

I do have a loving person who is always with me to make me smile and comfort in stressful times and I would like to thank him along with my loved friends and family members who have sent heartfelt messages since the quake. They are all my source of positivity in low times.

One Good Thing A Day – Project Day 49 – More Help From Afar

Today I received an unexpected message from someone I only know through a job site. He was very kind to send a message of care and concern. He also told me about an organization that he’s part of that’s helping those in the Northern areas affected by the quake.

If you would like to see the site, please visit: ADRA Japan (Site is in Japanese).

Thank you Mark!

One Good Thing A Day – Project Day 48 – Earthquake – Tokyo Update

I would like to thank everyone for their concern and warm wishes.

The Tokyo area is doing as well as can be, we’ve begun rolling blackouts to concerve energy for those in the North.

Food quickly runs out in shops, businesses close quite early and different trains stop throughout the surrounding areas of Tokyo, making it difficult to do much besides stay home and try to get by.

There is a constant worry about another earthquake/large aftershocks of approximately 7+ size, another tsunami and of course the condition of the nuclear plants…… needless to say, I constantly feel tense these days.

If you would like to help those to the North of Japan, please check out the Red Cross Site

Shibuya’s Famous Screen is Off

Certainly not something I thought I would ever see.

One Good Thing A Day – Project Day 47 – Beautiful Day

Despite the continuing tremors -one of which made my home creak everywhere and my body always being tense, it’s quite a beautiful day out.

To try and relax, I decided to go out and enjoy the day on ground level and see if any food shops have opened today.

There was minimal damage out except for a few cracks on the pedestrian bridge by the river and this:

If you would like to help those who really need help in the Northern area, please check out the Red Cross Site