To Be Fashionable This Season, You Need a Tail.

This fashion trend began in Tokyo a little while ago, but it’s certainly the “must have” item of the season -especially for the younger crowd.

Anywhere you go, whether it’s Shinjuku, Shibuya or Ginza, you’ll see groups of girls with tails, yes, tails.

Animal Tail Fashion

Animal Tail Fashion

If you would like a tail of your own, you can find it in any number of shops around the city…..even among the eclectic collection at  Donki……. but please stick to faux fur!

Stunning chiyogami

While by now all of you know how much I love this paper, this is one example of the more beautiful versions of chiyogami that I would never dream to make something out of, only frame and hang in my home.

This chiyogami was almost a meter long and had the most beautiful colours (sadly, I couldn’t capture it well enough for you).  I decided to send it to my parents as a gift….and they loved it!